Melora Walters of Hulu’s ‘Pen15’ and HBO’s ‘Big Love’ has a new film out that you need to watch… (coming up on ‘RCR’- 11/4/2020)

Melora Walters’ (The Butterfly Effect, Boogie Nights) new film, ‘Drowning’ is now out on Video On Demand, and we loved it.  Melora wrote, directed and starred in the film; along with Mira Sorvino, Jay Mohr, and Gil Bellows. Besides the spectacular cast, acting and writing- you should watch this film as it’s loosely based on parts of Melora’s life.  It’s also extremely relatable as a parent;  it allows us to get inside the head of a mother whose son was deployed… and could be killed at any moment. We chat with Melora about the film, her children, and how her BFF’s Mira Sorvino and Christopher Backus encouraged her to start writing and directing.

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