“THINGS DON’T ADD UP”..What really happened to Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack? Exclusive Interview with Linda Monjack (11/18/2020)

With the 11-year anniversary of Brittany Murphy’s strange death approaching; then the equally strange death of her husband Simon Monjack, we look further into the case with an exclusive interview with Linda Monjack, Simon’s mother. Linda shares never before heard details about the day that Simon died that will leave you wondering, ‘What is Brittany’s mother, Sharon Murphy, not telling us… and why is she the only one who never suspected any sort of foul play?’ As Linda tells us, ‘Things don’t add up.’ No spoilers…but Linda wasn’t allowed to be alone in Simon and Brittany’s bedroom without a bodyguard after they died. Sharon Murphy’s orders. Was Sharon hiding something? Listen and decide for yourself, on 11/18. Available wherever you listen to podcasts.

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